Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I'm Back~~ {unfortunate event}

Konichiwa~~ Hehe.. I'm back in Penang..
Last night 9 something only reach home.. I really had fun..
This trip i had is a shopping and eating trip.. Hehe.. Din really go play :(
I was so excited.. Get to see a lot of things and people..

But unfortunately, when i happily came back from my trip, my brother told my mum and me that our house was broke in by thieves.. Really got a shock.. People nowdays.. Haih.. Thought i could end my trip with a happy ending.. Mana tau, receive this bad news...

My house was like turnover by a tornado.. Haih.. Luckily not much was stolen.. but still it did spoiled our mood.. I door lock was cut and the wooden door was spoiled by the idiotic thief.. My mum's room was the worst.. All clothes, bags were all thrown around the room.. The thief even took away the safety box.. My older brother's money was stolen, few thousands.. Haih.. Pity my brother.. My second brother and me was luckier.. Nothing was stolen.. Maybe because my room is full with books and soft toys, so it look like a kids room instead.. Lol.. i Proudly had to say that luckily i smartly kept my laptop and money in a very very safe place.. so it was safe.. Hahaha~~~

Both my mum and me was so tired after a few hours flight and the first thing we have to deal was this unfortunate break in.. We called the police, and we had to go to the Police Station to make a report.. After the report, the police came and took some pictures and check for any fingerprints..
It ended 12 something in the morning.. We were all dead tired.. Some more need to unpack.. What a bad luck day we had.. Arghh..

Hope the thief wont have any good day in his coming whole life, even next life and the following..

Today still very tired.. So maybe tomorrow or weekend i will write about my trip.. Hehe..
Now put up a photo of me first la.. Sayonara~~


Ping Ping said...

when our house was broke in, the same thing la...the police came and used up almost the whole tired, after work, without even have time for dinner, we had to go here and there until 10 something only get to makan. 5 hours of running here and there.

Sammy says: said...

hey girl~
nice blog! 8D